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Two African American Businesspeople Shaking Hands At OfficeEva Health Services LLC was established in response to the needs of adults in need of quality mental health support services. Eva Health Services is in good standing with the Department of Mental Health and Hygiene and operates in the Greater Baltimore Metro Area.

Program Goal

Our goal is to deliver effective psychiatric rehabilitation services to clients in our community. We strive to teach life skills and improve our client’s overall health and well-being and encourage independence and self-sufficiency.

Services Offered

We provide a wide range of services to cater to the needs of our community:

We offer a well-stocked pharmacy for your convenience. If you need readily available drugs at good prices and in a location easy for you to locate, we have you covered!
Coping Services

Coping skills are methods a person uses to deal with stressful situations. Obtaining and maintaining good coping skills does take practice. However utilizing these skills becomes easier over time. Most importantly, good coping skills make for good mental health wellness.

We administer and help individuals with various coping skills.

Crisis Management

All change brings stress as a by-product. Sometimes, however, events in our lives are traumatic enough to constitute a crisis, and stress levels are nearly unmanageable. Such crises include being diagnosed with a serious health condition, dealing with the aftermath of a natural disaster, or being personally affected by a human tragedy, although events of lesser severity can also constitute a crisis.

We offer a step by step approach to crisis management, which works excellently.

Mental Health Advocacy

Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices. Mental health is important at every stage of life, from childhood and adolescence through adulthood.

We help you understand how you can have a perfectly healthy mental state.

Recognizing and Managing Signs of Stress

Stress can have a huge impact on every aspect of your life, so stress reduction is necessary for maintaining both your physical and emotional health. Since you can’t simply wish stress away, managing stress is a vital skill to develop. Whether you experience a sudden stressful situation, such as a major issue at work or a crisis at home that needs to be addressed right away, having a plan for stress in place is extremely important.

We help you identify if you are stressed and help you find out how you can manage it.

Navigating Public Assistance Programs

Many people who are eligible for government programs that help cover the cost of basic necessities don’t know about the programs or don’t know how to apply for them.

We help you navigate and take advantage of public assistance programs.

Improving Communication

Effective communication skills are fundamental to success in many aspects of life. Many jobs require strong communication skills and people with good communication skills usually enjoy better interpersonal relationships with friends and family.

We can help you improve your communication skills.

Life Skills Training

Life skills are abilities for adaptive and positive behavior that enable humans to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of life. This concept is also termed as psychosocial competency.

We run a solid life skills training program for our clients. Call now to find out more.

Parenting Classes

The purpose of parenting classes is to help parents feel more connected, involved and focused on their child. Parenting classes provide advice, strategies, and tools on how to raise children and provide an opportunity for parents to share ideas and concerns with parents going through similar issues.

We organize parenting classes that would help you get the best out of your kids.

Referrals to Community Resources

A lot of people are not aware of free, accessible community resources that would greatly help in improving their lives and lifestyle.

We help you identify, locate and have access to helpful community resources that would greatly help your health and healing.

Community Integration

Community integration is designed to help persons to optimize their personal, social, and vocational competency to live successfully in the community. Persons served are active partners in determining the activities they desire to participate in.

We offer professional community integration services, to help individuals lead a more successful life.

Social Skills Training

Social skills training (SST) is a form of behavior therapy used by therapists and trainers to help persons who have difficulties relating to other people.

We offer professional social skills training services.

Other Services Offered

We also offer other services, including:

  • Therapies that will help minimize psychotic episodes, poor coping skills, uncontrollable emotions that result in low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, trauma, abuse, abandonment and neglect.
  • Teaching of daily life vocational and academic skills
  • Parent Support Groups/Parenting Classes
  • Medication Compliance and Symptoms Crisis Management Skills
  • Onsite and Offsite Services
  • Case Management and Coordination
  • Medication/Treatment Compliance
  • Behavioral Management
  • Problem Soling Skills
  • Self-Care Skills

At Eva Health Services LLC, we strive to meet the challenges of an ever-changing healthcare environment and to consistently provide our clients with the highest quality of services possible.

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For service-related inquiries and other concerns, call us at 410-241-1360.

If you are experiencing thoughts of suicide or are concerned about a loved one, please contact Maryland’s Crisis Hotline at 1-800-422-0009. If immediate attention is required, please dial 911 or go to your nearest emergency department.